Choosing a wine is as easy as AI
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    Stressed out from trying to figure out what wine to make, sell or buy? Don’t worry. Artificial intelligence can help you decide.

    • Wine has been around for many millennia, dating back to ancient civilizations such as the  Greeks and Romans. Even Jesus turned water into wine, and now, it is symbol of and accompaniment for fine dining. There are numerous types of wines from red (i.e. cabernet sauvignon), white (i.e. chardonnay), rosé, sparkling and dessert. With what seems like nearly infinite types of wine, it has become difficult tasks for wineries to predict what consumers will want and for consumers to select a wine best suited for their tastes. However, artificial intelligence (AI) and sensory technology can advise wineries on what types of wines to produce and recommend wines to consumers.
    • BottleBird’s Wine and Food Recommendations/ Image: BottleBird, all rights reserved.
      ▲ BottleBird’s Wine and Food Recommendations/ Image: BottleBird, all rights reserved.

      Tastry, a sensory science company in California, is shaking up the wine and tech industries using their AI and sensory technology. Tastry’s technology can decode aroma and flavor profiles through vast amounts of chemical analyses and data on wine. Tastry’s app (BottleBird) has each consumer take a quiz (palate survey), which reveals his/her unique consumer palate, personal taste and smell preferences. The AI then uses the datasets from the wine profiles and consumer palate to predict and select consumer products with more than 92% accuracy. With the data predictions, wineries can maximize their yields and profits, retailers can improve sales, and consumers can choose the perfect wine every time regardless of the occasion. So, no more stress and wasting money on buying the wrong bottle of wine. BottleBird, powered by Tastry, can even recommend what foods pair well with the wine and help purchase it.

      Katerina Axelsson, the Founder and CEO of Tastry, believes there are enormous possibilities for AI and sensory science. By teaching AI to “taste” through sensory science technology and data, it is possible for AI to go beyond wines and into beer, spirits, coffee, other beverages, and fragrances. Personalization is a huge trend and priority to consumers, making it important for businesses to utilize such AI technologies and data insights from companies like Tastry to gain a competitive advantage.

      To find out which wine is right for you, then download Tastry’s BottleBird app and take the palate quiz at https://bottlebird.com/.

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